How To Expand Your Vocabulary

Do you feel you do not know enough words in English? Do you feel conscious about the fact that even though your English is grammatically correct, you can not converse properly and fall short of words when expressing yourself? There are many occasions when you talk to your friends and cannot find the exact word for something, and have to compensate with another word instead. This is probably because you do not have enough English words stored in your word tank, also known as your vocabulary.

how to expand your vocabulary
How To Improve Your Vocabulary , how to expand your vocabulary

But you need not worry. Even if your vocabulary is not as strong as you want it to be, you can work on it! There are, in fact, several ways to make your English vocabulary better. The following are some recommended ways in which you can strengthen your spoken and written abilities, using effective and meaningful words.

1. Read Books:
While reading books in English, there are different words that will be new to you. These words can add to your vocabulary. Make sure you note these words down or mark them in the books with a pencil.

2. Go through a dictionary
A dictionary is where you will get every word currently being used in the language. Since learning up the entire dictionary is not possible, not immediately, at least, what you can do is, open a dictionary and look for words that interest you. Do this regularly and within a month, you will have a good number of words that you learnt.

3. Try Writing, Every Now and Then
Do you have a flair or interest for writing? Or are you just not into the whole essay writing and do it only when examinations make you? In either case, it is suggested that you try writing a paragraph or page each day, while making use of words that you commonly don’t. This way, you become more familiar with the words and can use them better whenever needed.

4. Watch the news
English news channels on your TV often give you words that you may not have heard in your everyday schedule. Listening to the news regularly will not only add words to your vocabulary, but give you the exact sense of the words too. You get to know various ways you can use it in and how not to use it too!

5. Practice the words you learnt
There is no use of learning words if you don’t practice them. Without the practise, you will gradually lose touch with them. So whenever you have the opportunity, try to make use of the words you learnt, in conversations. Your friends and family could be help you out.

6. Don’t Fear Mistakes
Mistakes help us move further towards progress. So if you realize or are told you are making mistakes with words, do not get demoralized. Make better efforts to improve. Also, ask your family and friends for guidance and support.

7. Use games and other innovative ways to remember
You can play several games and activities to practice and remember words. Crossword puzzles in the newspapers, activities to remember 10 words each day and other such things can make the learning easier and more fun for you.

We hope these tips help polish your language skills. If you like what you read, please share your feedback and ideas in the comments below!

All the best!

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