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Online on demand Tutoring involves interactive & engaging sessions

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Tailor made lessons for online tutoring according to students needs

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Certified professional subject specialists for our online tutoring services

Flexible schedules

Our online tutoring service offer to study at your own pace & at your own time

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Our educational experts are here to help students reach their learning goals with online tutoring. We’ll provide the roadmap and resources that will get them on their feet, ready for success!

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Our plans are tailored to your unique needs, so figure out which one is perfect for you! We offer a wide variety of online tutoring options with tailor made lessons that will suit any student requirements and needs!

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We offer a wide variety of options to choose from, so you can be sure to find a tutor who is perfect for you. No matter what your subject or skill level, we have a tutor who can help you improve and succeed!

Our Online Tutoring Achievement Throughout The Years !

Our online on demand tutoring services can help you buckle down and ace that upcoming test, or just better understand the material covered in class or learning new topics. 

Our talented and experienced tutors will work with you one-on-one, addressing areas of struggle and helping you to complete assignments. Additionally, they can reinforce learned skills and help you apply them to new concepts. This personalized approach leads to better grades and higher test scores for students.



Our tutors are available to help you with your test preparation, homework, learn new topics, and improve your study skills.



Our prices are highly competitive, and our plans are flexible to fit your needs.


Lessons Conducted

Our knowledgeable and experienced tutors are available to help you with any subject, anytime day or night.


Students Taught

We offer personalized assistance and support every step of the way, so students can focus on what’s important – learning.

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Student & Parent Feedbacks

Mishel Lee

The first time I took the CELPIP, it only gave me 7 CLB and my target was 10 CLB. But after working with my instructor from Radix Tree and following her tips & strategies about how to get 10 CLB Level finally-I’m now at level 10!


Brian Lu

We are so happy with these online 1:1 sessions. The best part is the flexible scheduling according to our convenience.  My son is enjoying studying due to interactive multimedia sessions and activity based learning.


Luiz Carla

I am so happy to find Radix Tree as they have the best teachers for CELBAN prep and reviews. The most exciting thing is they have the study material of all 4 modules which really helped me to ace my CELBAN test in 1st attempt.


Antonio K.

I was looking for tutoring help in Advance Functions and help in my home assignments. Their highly qualified and experienced tutor worked with me one-on-one to ensure that I understand the topic and questions.


Hue Min

I am so happy to get my test preparation from Radix Tree. They have certified trainers & flexible schedules. Best part of their plans is that they have the authentic study material of CAEL with tips & strategies.


Andrea May

If you’re looking for the best chemistry tutor around, look no further than Radix Tree I was struggling with my chemistry class and they matched me up with an amazing teacher who really knew her stuff. 


Online Tutoring Methodology

Using latest technology to make learning engaging, interactive and fun. Brainstorming sessions with tailored instructions providing every student with personalized attention they need!

Customised Online Tutoring

Our teachers work closely with the students to identify areas of opportunity and design a plan to help them reach their full potential. Coaching students to their best is our responsibility.

Additional Support

You’ll get access to not only live sessions, but also practice questions in different forms such as quizzes or homework sheets. test preparation and mock tests are also conducted by teachers.

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