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Thanks for your interest in RadixTree. I wanted to introduce myself as your point of contact. My role is to get a better understanding of what it is you’re looking for and put you in touch with the appropriate resources.

Welcome to Radix Tree Online Education Transferring System.

Learning through activity based program.

We aim to embark our students on an interactive and ingenious learning venture that will play a significant role in building their conceptual learning which will help them in later stages of his life.

Vocabulary Building;

Language Building;

Creative Writing: Narrative Essays, Descriptive Essays, Persuasive Writing, Letter writing, Dialogues Writing, Report Writing, Pictory Writing

Picture Description

Grammar Bites

Spelling Practice

Mental Math





Numerical Analysis

Chemical Bonds



Quantum Mechanics


Why US:

We are Educationists.

Experienced and Committed professionals.

Equipped with best gadgets and tools to conducted Online Classes.

On regular basis track giving and taking feedback of student with the guardian.

Our approach is innovative and very knowledgeable.

Aim to impart, divulge and spread knowledge as much as we can.

Interactive and Collaborative Sessions

Worksheets, Power point slides

Online Virtual Classrooms: Whiteboard which both student and teacher can access,

Upload files, write on it , draw shapes and many more features, which will make learning a fun ride for your kid J


5 days a week

Monday to Friday

60 minutes per day

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Grab Your Turn And Start Learning!

Time slots: morning 08:00 till night 23:30.

Feel Free to Contact us.

While scheduling demo if you have any problem:

Contact ID’s

Skype :English.tree

Contact no. 92-322-405-0360

Website : www.RadixTree.Com



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