Pronunciation of English Words

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A big hurdle that most language learners have to go through is the issue of pronunciation. Adults’ acquisition of pronunciation in a foreign language is marked by a rarity of native-like control, in contrast to children who can attain such a level if exposed to the foreign language at a young enough age (typically before adolescence).

With a friendly writing style this pronunciation text helps students understand and practice English pronunciation and intonation.

These pictures will hopefully help you improve your English pronunciation. I believe that good pronunciation is essential for speaking and understanding spoken English well. It will teach you how to pronounce English properly.

Pronunciation of English words
Pronunciation of English words

Pronunciation of English words

Pronunciation of English words

English pronunciation 04

English pronunciation 03

English pronunciation 02

English pronunciation 11

English pronunciation 10

English pronunciation 09

English pronunciation 08

English pronunciation 07

The Pronunciation Power workshops are designed to build your speaking confidence,learn the specific skills needed to be clearly understood, practice all the sounds of English.

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