Funny English Idioms

Today we will be discussing the meanings of some of the few most common idioms and how to use them in sentences.

These idioms have been illustrated in a very creative way so that you can enjoy while learning and gaining knowledge.

cool as cucumber

On my first day of school, I was so nervous about everything. My friend was as cool as a cucumber!


Funny English Idioms



hold your horses

“Hold your horses”, said the woman, “I’ll have dinner ready in just a few minutes.


Funny English Idioms


storm in a teacup

My brother and sister had a big argument about the television yesterday, but it was just a storm in a teacup.


English Funny Idioms




dead as a doornail

Nothing ever happens in our town – it’s as dead as a doornail.

The fox in the road was dead as a doornail.





blue in the face

I laughed until I was blue in the face.





a piece of cake

Most people think that it’s a piece of cake to tie up their shoelaces.





head in the clouds

Mike thinks the company will pay for all of the expenses of his round-the-world trip. I think he has his head in the clouds. They would never do that!





kick the bucket

All of my goldfish kicked the bucket while we were on vacation.





heart in your mouth

My heart was in my mouth as I walked onto the stage.




Bob`s your uncle

You simply put on the stain remover, leave it for an hour and Bob’s your uncle, the stain’s gone.





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