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CELPIP Writing Module Review Howdy ho dear fellas,   My name is Vanessa and I have been working on CELPIP resource materials for a very long time. I have gathered some handful of tips & strategies which will be helpful for you to crack down this exam.   I will be sharing my experience and […]

Alice try

[two_third_last] I have done masters in English Literature and Language. My second master is in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. I can teach English from elementary to high school. I have fifteen years of teaching experience in general and five years of teaching online. Teaching is my passion and it defines me. I […]

1/365 Strategy To Crack Down CELPIP/CELBAN Test

day 1/365 oh, hi 2018!  CELPIP Writing TEST Purpose: Writing Test compromises of two tasks designed to identify how well you can communicate through writing in everyday situations. For example If you bought a computer and realized later it’s not working properly, would you be able to clearly discuss the issue in email and persuade […]

CELPIP Test Preparation Online

Hiya, weoples today we will discuss some tips and tactics which you need to know while preparing yourself for CELPIP test.  We have compiled a list of things which you should be doing during the preparation of your test so that your chances of success are enhanced. Create a Daily Study Plan No matter how […]

Best Ways To End Emails

Best Ways To Sign-off Your Emails   We all write emails these days, whether it’s to a friend, a coworker, or your boss. Obviously emails can’t really express your body language or the tone in your voice, so it’s very easy for people to misinterpret you. This means how we sign-off our emails is very […]